We are you – we are citizens of Mandeville. MandePAC, LLC was established in October of 2023. MandePAC will be managed by managers who are both members of MandePAC and residents of the City of Mandeville. On all matters requiring the vote of the managers, each manager shall have one vote. The initial managers of MandePAC are Van R. Mayhall, Jr., Michele Avery, Greta Perry, Larry Grundmann and Shane Mutter. Successor managers shall be elected by the Members by majority vote. 

Van Mayhall, Jr. is a longtime lawyer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, specializing in corporate and business matters and insurance regulatory issues. He moved to Mandeville full-time about two years ago and lives with his wife, Lorri Mayhall, on Mariners Island on Lake Pontchartrain. Van Mayhall has served in numerous NGOs and trade associations over the years.

Shane Mutter is a lifelong resident of St Tammany Parish with a family history going back over 100 years. Shane is a businessman and actively involved in several enterprises spanning from real estate and retail to agriculture and manufacturing. Shane and his family have lived in Old Mandeville for over 10 years and he wants to see the area grow in a manner that allows for smart development to align with maintaining the charm and quality of life that attracted his family to the area in the first place. Shane Mutter is currently the President of the Old Mandeville Business Association, a Past President of the Kiwanis Club, served on the NOLA Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, and is actively involved with many organizations such as Hope House, Safe Harbor, and Leadership St. Tammany.

Larry Grundmann and his wife Kathleen, moved to Mandeville in 2022 at a later stage in their lives, returning across the lake from the stomping ground of Larry’s younger years.  The quiet, residential nature of Mandeville helped them choose this forever home.  Larry is a Registered Professional Engineer in Louisiana, with a plethora of leadership experience in both US and international energy exploration and development. He has also served his previous communities, holding many leadership and planning positions; to include County Planning in California. Larry believes that by participating in that growth process, he can help shape and guide Mandeville’s future, while maintaining its charm and ambience.

Michele Avery is an extremely involved Mandeville resident. She focuses on honesty and transparency in our elected officials. By day, she is a CPA. She happily lives in this great city, alongside her husband and rescue pups.

Greta Perry holds a Masters degree from the University of Florida. She is a small business owner, contracting as a Project Manager for the Federal Government. With no previous ties to the area, Mandeville became her home in 2007 after her husband retired from the U.S. Army. She has made volunteering and community participation a part of her life.  She looks forward to being part of a more organized form of local involvement with MandePAC.

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